The photography of George Sanker has appeared in the publications of National Geographic, National Audubon Society, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, Cape Cod Life, Impact, Landmark Calendars, and many more.

Several of George's images appeared in a book published by the United States Postal Service in connection with its 1987 collection, Wildlife America, a Collection of U.S. Stamps Commemorating Amerca's Wildlife Heritage.

George Sanker's photograph of three Grizzly Bears formed the back cover of the 1985 Sierra Club Wildlife Calendar, his photograph of a Bull Moose, which appears as a logo at the top of this and other pages on this site, was featured in the Audubon Engagement Calendar of 2004, his photograph of African Lions was published in the Audubon Engagement Calendar of 2005, another Bull Moose image appeared in the 1989 Audubon Engagement Calendar, and his photograph of a Green Frog on a lily pad was featured in the National Wildlife Federation's 1989 American Wildlife Desk Calendar.

Many of his images have appeared in the World Wildlife Fund Calendars published by Barnes & Noble, from 2007-2012, including two cover shots.

Three images won first place in major categories of prestigious international photography competitions:

2007 - First Place - Moose jumping a fence - National Wildlife Federation

2011 - First Place - Black bear cub in a tree - Outdoor Photography

2012 - First Place - Ancient pine tree and the Grand Tetons after snowstorm - Outdoor Photography.

George is represented by one of the most prestigious stock photo agencies in the world, Nature Picture Library, located at Bristol, in the UK.


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