There are few things in life that I love more than waiting, in the shadows of the day's first light, at the edge of a mountain stream or pond, a clearing in an ancient forest, a pristine ocean cove, or a secluded black water swamp, for a spectacular wild animal to emerge from the early morning mist. Often no animal appears, but when one does, maybe a moose or bear, an eagle or otter, perhaps a heron, I feel incredibly alert and alive. At that moment, all that matters is what I observe before me.

It is from this love of being in the wilderness that I became a photographer many years ago. I wanted to show other people the magic that I witness and the spirituality of nature.

We sell fine art wilderness photography, as signed limited edition (no more than 75 per image) fine art prints, posters, and greeting cards, and stock images for publication in magazines, calendars, books and advertising.

It is also hoped that these images will inspire others to feel the way I do about the wilderness, and help in some small way the great environmental movement that has taken hold all around the world, led by people dedicated to preserving wilderness and wild animals. Perhaps one of these photographs will cause someone to go to a wild place just before sunrise and wait patiently for whatever might appear. If that happens, the defenders of the wilderness will have another ally. People who are opposed or indifferent to the protection of pristine wilderness, of ancient trees and rivers, of mountain lions and grizzly bears, elephants and leopards, of frogs and snakes, of all creatures great and small, have probably never stood silently at the edge of a mountain stream or meadow, in the shadows of the dawn's early light, waiting to see what comes.

To read about our philosophy of ethics in connection with wilderness photography and digital photography, click the Ethics link below.